New Video: What Does It Mean To Live As Your “Authentic” Self?

This week’s #LiveVulnerably video started pretty real and raw. In fact, when we tried filming a couple days ago, it ended with us stopping for a lot of tears and an up-all-night conversation to unpack the disconnection… because today’s topic is about the damage you do to yourself and your relationships when you disconnect from your heart. ❤️

We hear so much about living “authentically” these days, and we’re here to tell you doing it starts with connecting with yourself inwardly, even if you’re afraid of what you may find. Only once you connect with your own heart truly can you connect with others. We know, because we’ve been there, and we’re learning still.

Friends, life is messy, and vulnerability is key. Does this resonate with you?

If you’ve been putting it off because of pain or anything else you may have to face, it’s time to look at your own heart and connect! 🗺

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