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Our story and vision is just one of many. We want to hear yours! When you share your story, you make the decision to Live Vulnerably. Our ever-growing community is one that stands with each other as we grow together, embracing the messy moments that inevitably happen while “in process” together.

We would love to have your voice and perspective alongside us as we learn to connect, create, listen, and love… vulnerably.

Millions of stories are unfolding all around us every day all around our communities. One of the passions of our hearts is to listen, document, and showcase these stories that may otherwise go unseen.

As we’ve said from the beginning, our platform is not a pedestal – we desire to do this journey alongside other couples, individuals, creatives, adventurers, and everyone in between… those who are both further along than us and right alongside us, too. Through Live Vulnerably, we’re not just sharing our story and teaching on what we’re learning; we’re also highlighting vulnerable storytelling of people in the community around us. 

To be featured across our platforms, connect with us! We want to help share what you’re creating, give you a platform to voice what you’re learning while you’re “in process” too, and inspire you to connect, listen, and love more in your relationships.

We hope you’ll reach out to us by emailing And we believe as you do, your vulnerability will lead to a deeper connection with your true self and those around you. We’re with you and for you!

Our platforms welcome open conversation and vulnerability, and we’re looking forward to having you join our community not only on our blog, but also through the following:

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