New Video: 3 Types of Fear Holding You Back

What’s keeping you from moving forward?

For too long, we let fear lead us in a few different areas of life… and let us tell you, it never led us to where we wanted to be.

In today’s Live Vulnerably video, we are talking about three different types of fear that are stopping you… maybe in your creativity or career or relationships, or really any other area.

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to start that business, pursue that relationship, move forward with that big step, get your creative efforts off the ground, book that flight, etc… but you’re not really sure why you can’t seem to? Here, we’re shedding light on three core fears that are probably holding you back!

When you confront an area where you’ve been letting fear lead, and you let yourself be loved instead, a world of fearless possibilities opens up to you. We can’t wait to hear how you move forward in courage. Comment down below to let us know!

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