Our Story + Vision

We are Coburn and Alicia, and we hail from upbringings on opposite ends of the country (Alicia in WA, Coburn in RI). Our paths crossed in Hawaii in 2016, which led to dating long distance (Alicia on Maui, Coburn in Los Angeles) and eventually marrying on a Southern California beach in December 2017.

Amidst the miles and months of relationship, we’ve had many ups and downs: differences, huge life changes, destructive and painful fights, creative stagnancy, past hurts to heal from, and of course many big wins together, too. Through it all, we continue to believe vulnerability is the key to unlocking deeper intimacy and wholeness in relationships, since it allows us to love and be loved through the ugly parts of life that aren’t social-media-perfect.

Our vision is to inspire you, our friends, to CONNECT, CREATE, LISTEN, and LOVE… with vulnerability. When we live vulnerably, we also find our most authentic and true voices as creators, artists, leaders, and world changers. After all, creativity = process.

Here at Live Vulnerably, we’re getting real. We’re using our voices, even when they feel shaky. We’re sharing our journeys, even as they look messy. Couples and singles, creatives and adventurers, people of all ages, races, sexual orientations, religions, and backgrounds: your voice and your vision has value. We hope you’ll be inspired to listen and learn, connect and create, share your story, get involved, and find deeper love in your relationships. We’re with you and for you!

We invite you to connect with us directly, and we also look forward to having you join our community on our social networks.

We want to get to know your story as we connect with you, hear about what you’re learning, see what you’re creating, and share your voice with the #LVstorytellers community. Visit our site’s Share Your Story page to learn more.

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