Let’s Get Closer

Hey there, friends – we’re excited to welcome you to our new blog page! It’s been a long time in the making, so if you’ll indulge us, we’d love to share a little bit about what we’re doing.

We are Coburn and Alicia, and we often joke about how “God set us up on a blind date” on Maui last year (more on that later). After four months of long-distance dating–plus another three of intense transition, intermittent travel, and increased time together here in Los Angeles–we’ve started to realize more and more the grace we’ve been given to walk out this relationship without having it all together. More on that later, too!

Many individuals and couples in this day and age have pioneered the digital landscape to tell their unique stories. We greatly admire so much of what they have done. In light of this, we feel compelled to tell our story, too… as it unfolds.

It would be easy for us to use our online platforms to present a perfect picture across our Instagram, blogging, Facebook, video logs, etc. In reality, an authentic relationship is much more complex and much less cut-and-dry than we often see presented in the perpetual highlight reel of social media. Thus, we want to use what we have in front of us today to live vulnerably, to walk through the joys and the challenges we face together in unity and love.


We seek to present an honest portrayal of the balance that comes with growing both individually and together within the context of a romantic relationship. You know, the moments for the photo album and the days of deep conflict resolution. The processing of painful emotions and the celebrating of victories. The fun we have together and the times we drive each other up the wall. The disagreement that doesn’t have to lead to division and the active choosing of empathy for each other even when we’re frustrated.

In doing this, our vision is to create a community of people living vulnerably, a safe space where others can come and share their stories while simultaneously encouraging each other to present the most honest, authentic versions of ourselves online. None of us have arrived at perfection, so let’s be courageous together in letting ourselves be seen, known, and loved while in process: insecurities, inhibitions, and all.

Life is messy. And that’s ok. We want to use our platform to allow people to see reckless love’s power and strength made perfect in our weakness… to enjoy the “messy” of the process and know that being a work in progress is what makes being human so beautiful. It’s what makes being in a relationship so rewarding. And, ultimately, it’s what brings us closer to God and to each other.

Our goal is to live vulnerably in all areas of life. We want to invite you to walk that journey with us, too.

With love,
Coburn + Alicia

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